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finish product Since its establishment, the company has undertaken a continuous expansion campaign, which resulted in making Al-Sharq Flexible Packaging at present the largest plastic producer in Saudi Arabia.
CPP and LDPE Films

We manufacture the following types of films:

CPP Films, Lamination Grade, Print/Bag Grade, Metallizable Grade and Metallized Films. Stretch Films, LDPE/LLDPE Films, EVOH or EVE and PA/PE Top and Bottom Web. more...

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We used modern methods in our manufacturing process.

The Al-Sharq Flexible Packaging Plant is engaged in the manufacture of Flexible Packaging materials for leading brands of food, pharmaceuticals, home personal care, and other consumer products. more...

Flexible Packaging Products<empty> We can provide the following packaging types:

Snacks, Detergent, Juice, Bread packing, Food Packing, Biscuit and chocolate Packing, Package Design and more...
Contact our salesman. We'll be glad to entertain your inquiries and needs. Please contact us if you need solutions to your plastic packaging methods. Contact Us...
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